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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is a type of coverage that many states require for people who have motorized bikes that have more than 50ccs. Motorists may not operate such a vehicle without having the appropriate insurance policy intact. The Motor Vehicle Department will not register a vehicle that does not have insurance coverage on it. The purpose of the insurance is to protect the motorcycle riders and the people who share the streets with them. Each state specifies the minimum amount of coverage that one will have to purchase to cover various items. Motorcycle policies cover an extensive amount of subjects.

Many types of motorcycle insurance coverage exist. Liability coverage is the coverage that all insurance persons must purchase, and it covers bodily injuries, property damages and the like. Collision coverage is special coverage that takes care of damages to the rider’s motorcycle. It covers the rider’s bike even if he or she causes the accident. Comprehensive coverage is a benefit that covers stolen vehicles.

Towing coverage is something that a motorcycle owner may be interested in adding to his or her policy. Towing coverage provides towing services to people who are involved in accidents. The coverage may provide other services such as tire changes, as well.

Uninsured motorist coverage helps the insured person when he or she is involved in an accident in which the other rider or driver does not have insurance. Another type of coverage that a motorcycle owner may opt to get is optional equipment coverage. Optional equipment coverage takes care of older bikes and accessories such as helmets, riding gear and more. Finally, trip interruption insurance covers an insured person’s expenses if that person has to purchase hotel rooms, food or alternative transportation after an accident.